The Work of Prayer

Of all the ways we can be preparing ourselves for the major changes that are ahead, and the receiving of a new pastoral leader, nothing cements a strong foundation for readiness  as does the work of PRAYER! What if we were to AGREE, in these remaining three weeks, to pray in one accord for our church, our community, and our new pastor? How might that shape our hearts and our “readiness quotient?”

Praying in one accord is similar to convincing yourself (ahead of time) that a certain outcome will be heading your way. We can claim promises from God over our lives and this congregation that will set a tone, establish an attitude, and frame a joint perspective of hope and goodwill. This is what we are responsible for.
  • We agree, O God, that you will BUILD your church in our lives since WE are the church and not our building. Make our OHFUMC family a strong and resilient community of faithful and faith-filled followers of Jesus.
  • We agree, O God, that you will UNITE our hearts in the chords and bonds of love. Let us live as one people who share a common heritage in our Lord Jesus.
  • We agree, O God, that you will OPEN our minds to a brand new season of ministry, where we release the past with gratitude and we embrace the unknown future with hope!
  • We agree, O God, that you will EXPAND the reach of our church’s ministry into our community in ways we have not yet even conceived or experienced. Grant us ready hearts to move in new directions.
  • We agree, O God, that you will ENRICH our church with a broad and diverse collection of humanity who are all seeking to know, trust, and follow Jesus in a spirit of love and respect.
  • We agree, O God, that you will PROVIDE the resources and servants necessary to carry out and complete the mission you have ordained and assigned for this local parish to engage.
  • We agree, O God, that you will SOFTEN our hearts to be tender, loyal, loving, and compassionate towards all the people of this family and our new pastor. Help us to see each other through the eyes of Heaven.
  • We agree, O God, that you will RENEW our spirits in aliveness and interest in seeking out transforming relationships with every generation and people found in our community.
  • We agree, O God, that you will ALIGN our eyes to see a common and compelling vision for our future together. May we arise as one people where all hands appear on deck to work and serve, to pray and partner, our way into the next chapter of our life together.
All of these requests, we humbly ask of your glory, and for our good, in the powerful name of Jesus, amen!

Pastor David 😊

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