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What is Give+ Online?

Give+ Online is the next generation of online giving. This provides a fast, convenient way for your members and guests to access online giving without ever leaving your church’s website.

What are the benefits of this giving form?

Donors can securely and easily give ONE TIME, but also, if donors choose to create a Give+ account, they will be able to log in to see their giving history, store their debit/credit card and/or banking information and set up recurring donations.

Is Give+ Online secure?

Yes. This form maintains the highest level of PCI-compliance to ensure the security of donations processed.

What payment methods are accepted via Give+ Online?

Give+ Online supports donations via all major debit and/or credit cards you accept today, as well as ACH donations.

Can donors give to individual funds?

Yes. Whether is a ONE TIME only donation or recurring, there is a variety of funds and causes you can contribute.

Can donors give once?

Yes, and you would not need an account for this. Simply follow the instructions at the form.

Can donors set up recurring donations?

Yes. If donors have a Give+ account or choose to create one, they can log in and select the frequency of the transaction during the donation process. If donating to multiple funds at one time, donors can select different frequencies per fund.