Having Issues or wanting to know more about our Livestreamed services? 

Check out these common questions and their answers. We want to provide the best possible experience for all of you connecting virtually.

For additional questions and guidance please email

  • Just 2 things: Internet connection and a Web browser


    Any connections including Home: via Cable, Fiber or DSL; or Mobile: via Cellular, or Satellite.


    If you want to watch the livestream via our website, it can only be accessed through a browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.


    Yes! You can download any of the following apps/programs, and search for the Oak Harbor First United Methodist Church there.

    • Facebook

    • YouTube

    • Vimeo

  • Some players let you backtrack to an early minute of the LIVE service. But a playback video will be available shortly after each service ends.

    • We begin the livestream 10-15 minutes before the service begins. This is to give our viewers a chance to get it setup and address any connectivity issues, connect with other viewers, learn about upcoming activities and/or just listen/watch inspiring pre-service material.
    • Sit tight, the service will begin at the advertised time.

    • On the Live page of our website, you might see a countdown to the service. The video feed should automatically begin playing on your device when we GO LIVE (10-15 mins before), but if this doesn’t happen, you can refresh or restart (the circular arrow icon) your browser/app (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)

    • If you are experiencing lag issues, please refresh your browser or restart your app, check your internet connection, or switch to an adequate data plan. We are constantly monitoring our connection to ensure that it is an optimum speed for streaming.
    • The default setting of the video resolution is “auto” and will automatically select the highest resolution that we are streaming. However, if your internet connection is weak, a lower resolution will be selected instead to ensure that the video continues. You have the option to select a fixed resolution for your video (find the settings button near the volume control).

    • Check the volume levels of both your device and the video window (the speaker icon  is typically in the lower right corner). Click on the icon and adjust the level bar up or down as necessary.

    • Mobile devices, laptops and even TVs don’t come with good speakers. We advise using external speakers or headphones

      • Even THESE inexpensive ones would make a huge difference.

      • A headphone splitter like THIS is also a good solution.

    • There will not be anything to click on until the livestream begins, 10-15 minutes before the service starts. Once the livestream has begun, the video box should automatically appear near the top of our Facebook page ( If not, you can find it by clicking the “LIVE” tab (on computers this is on the left side of the page; on mobile devices this is below the cover photo).

    • Be ready technically. Prepare your computer device and setup to be ready. Buffer for time that may be needed to resolve technical difficulties so that you can “attend” the service on time.

    • Be intentional to stay engaged fully. Set up a physical environment for the livestreaming that is conducive and not distracting. Give your full attention and focus to follow the service, and participate in the singing, prayer, and confession.

    • Be hungry for God’s Word. Pray for God to cultivate a hunger for His Word to feed your soul. Listen to the sermon with your Bible opened and your note-taking materials ready.

    • Be expectant spiritually. Expect the Holy Spirit to be present and active. Expect Him to comfort, challenge and lead you to respond by faith in Christ.

    • Be active to share with someone on how God has blessed you through this service. Share with your Community Group on the things on which God convicts you during the service.

    • Remember that God is the primary actor in worship services. He is the living One who has saved, gathered and called his people to worship Him. Hence, the service typically begins with a Call to Worship (emphasizing that it is God who invites his people to Him), and culminates in a climatic time of His Word (the God who speaks) being proclaimed through the sermon.

    • Therefore, we have a responsibility to respond to God wholeheartedly in worship services. God being active during corporate worship doesn’t diminish our responsibility—in fact, it heightens our responsibility and encourages our participation. God is here to meet and bless His people and we ought to engage with Him wholeheartedly!