Recent Editions

The Patterns of Jesus
May 16th, 2024
"All our steps are ordered by the Lord" Proverbs 20:24a The spiritual disciplines that can be described as “The Patterns of Jesus” (habits, routines, commitments) are heaven-sent pathways to guide our formation into the beloved sons and daughters of the Most-High God. Our current preaching series is only long enough to touch the big idea and hit a few practices.The truth is, that every purpose-fil...
Embracing Suspended Animation
May 16th, 2024
The Flying CortesA Five Generation Family of Trapeze Artists Happy May to my OHFUMC Family,I grew up going to the circus as a child and was always spellbound by the Trapeze artists working their wonders in the air. This picture reminds me of where we are at right now as a church family. We are about to “let go” of our current pastoral leader (that would be me) and have yet to take hold of our new,...
Resource UMC
May 9th, 2024
Dear OHFUMC Family,Now that the General Conference of the UMC has met and completed their work, “ResourceUMC” has a detailed summary of actions taken and implications of the future of our denomination. For a much more in-depth plunge into these topics, go to ResourceUMC.ResourceUMC hails itself as “the online destination for leaders throughout The United Methodist Church.”   The 2024 UMC General C...
General Conference 2020 Overview
May 9th, 2024
Greetings beloved church family! What a joy to be able to address you once again in this format. Some of you may recall that in 2019 I was elected by the lay members of the PNW Annual Conference to be a Reserve Delegate to the 2020 Jurisdictional Conference. That also meant being a part of the combined General/Jurisdictional Delegation from the PNW Conference. Of course, that commitment ended up b...
Meeting For The First Time
May 9th, 2024
For most people, meeting someone for the first time can be a bit tenuous and uncertain. While seeking to be polite, our mind races with questions and conclusions about our encounters. Who is this person? Do they like me? Do I like them? Do we live on the same “wavelength?” Are they interested in me? Do they have an agenda for me? How am I feeling about them right now? How are they feeling about me...