Adam Hamilton's Proud to be UMC, by Pastor David

Dear Church Family,

I recently introduced our new PNWAC Bishop, Cedrick Bridgeforth, in a special blog post, wrote about the changes coming in our UMC denomination, and cited a special video series for those who may want to pursue the other side of the story, which is the formation of a new Methodist denomination called “The Global Methodist Church.” That resource was a series of six videos (1.5 hours combined) by Rev. Rob Renfroe of Good News Magazine. It is entitled, “Differences that Divide the UMC,” and can be found here.

To ensure a fair and full-circle treatment of this juncture, Rev. Adam Hamilton of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection has created six short videos (1.5 hours combined) in response to Renfroe’s explanation of the Traditionalist perspective. Hamilton seeks to articulate the moderate and progressive side of the United Methodist Church, how they view this juncture, and why they are committed to remaining within the UMC. You can find these resources here.

Study, Learn, Commit, and remain Graceful!

Pastor David 😊

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