Don't Come to Church - Come to a Revolution

I know most of us have a certain cultural suspicion or caution when it comes to words like “revolution.” We normally associate fighting, killing, and lots of bad destruction with this term. But the people at “What is Church?” want us to rethink the impact and influence of history’s most prolific influencer throughout the world. That influencer is known as---“THE CHURCH!”

While some have thought of the church as a “Museum” where relics from the ancient past are on display, others have thought of the church as an ideological cult trying to force-feed its values and beliefs upon a diverse and pluralistic culture. Some have described the church as a “crutch for the weak” (E.J. Dionne Jr.) and the “Opiate of the masses” (Karl Marx).

The real truth is, when we are at our very best, the church is a family belonging to a kingdom ruled by a King (Jesus). Our Lord and Savior and leader calls us to live on purpose as vessels of blessing and building within a broken and hurting world. All throughout human history (post Jesus’ resurrection), the church (family of Jesus followers) have been busy engaging the world in acts of compassion, charity, service, and empowerment as none other.

Not only did the very first hospital come into existence because of Christians, but today, the largest medical provider in the world is the church (universal). This is also true for Orphanages and Universities. Add to this the large body of work from art, music, literature, and architecture has blessed nations and peoples around the world. The church (and ancient Jewish OT authors) has provided the world with its best-selling book of all time (5 billion+) known as The Bible.

Today, there are over five-million churches globally that are busy feeding the poor, healing the sick, helping with disaster relief, educating generations, advocating for human rights and empowering communities with clean water and economic self-sustaining viability. The church is active in seeking the freedom of humans caught in the grip of evil (wars, refugee camps, famine, violence, human trafficking, environmental degradation). The church seeks to resource basic
health, hygiene, food, clean energy, and clean water.

Take a brief minute to watch this very short and powerful reminder that you and I, as followers of Jesus, are actually supposed to be attached to a MOVEMENT and not to a MONUMENT. What is happening NOW in our church is far more important than what used to happen THEN, back in our “good old days.”

Let’s not just COME to church. Let’s BE the church!

Join the Revolution!

Pastor David

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