A Special Koinonia Café Focus

We will hold a special focus video presentation at our Koinonia Café on Wednesday night, November 1, at 6 pm. After dinner, we will view “The Climate and the Cross,” a special 23-minute video documentary produced by “The Guardian,” a British daily newspaper and news source. There are many opinions about how we should think about the subject and science behind “climate change.” This video will attempt to portray a spectrum of beliefs and perspectives on this subject. The YouTube documentary introduces itself in this manner:

Evangelicals in the US have traditionally been the bedrock of conservative politics, including on climate change. But a loud debate is happening across the country, with some Christians protesting in the name of protecting the Earth, seeing it as a duty to be done in God's name. One group has even built a chapel in the way of a pipeline and a radical pastor encourages his flock to put themselves in the way of the diggers. A firm supporter of Trump crisscrosses the country promoting solar power.
But there's still the traditional resistance - a climate scientist who denies the world is warming and a preacher in Florida who sees the fact he was flooded out as a good sign of divine presence. With stories from across the country featuring pastors and churchgoers, and showing conflict between generations, races and classes, could it be a surprising section of Christian Americans who might show hope for the country's attitude to climate change?
I look forward to sharing meaningful conversations on this topic over a series of sessions as we decide on our schedule together.

Pastor David 😊

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