Season of Advent

Welcome to “Advent!” In Christian history, the Advent season is a four-week period just prior to Christmas that celebrates the anticipation and coming of Jesus Christ, God’s promised Messiah for the world! The origin of "advent" is from the Latin word adventus, which simply translates as "coming" or "arrival." Not only do we celebrate and commemorate the initial arrival of Jesus as “God incarnate in mankind," but we also anticipate the arrival of salvation when people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Over these four weeks leading up to Christmas, I am preaching on “Comfort and Joy: Recovering Christmas.” This four-week journey actually will all be preached out of one scripture section, Isaiah 40:1-5. Out of this short prophetic announcement comes four life-giving reminders of how Jesus will usher in Heaven’s Hope for our broken world. The Advent (coming/arrival) of Jesus ushers in (1) Comfort and hope in Hard times; (2) Erases our unpayable debt from our bankrupt lives; (3) Prepares and shows the way to victory as he removes life’s obstacles; and (4) Reveals His glory and sufficiency to bring us back into covenant living and abundant life in His kingdom.

During this season, we will be reading a special Advent Devotional together entitled, “The Eternal King Arrives.” This publication is a seasonal guide into Advent with a diverse collection of 18 contributing authors. Each page-and-a-half devotion has a leading scripture to read, a written reflection to ponder, and two application questions to consider for our own discipleship journey.

I hope you will join me in this season of hope and wonder, to dive deeper into the voices of many saints reflecting on the Voice of Holy Scripture. Jesus is announced & promised in the Old Testament, and experienced & fulfilled in the New Testament.
Our King has Come  ※  Our King is Here  ※  Our King is Eternal
Receive Comfort and Joy,

Pastor David 😊

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Jan - December 1st, 2023 at 10:19am

Our world and each of us personally could use some Comfort and Joy this season. Thank you!





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