Time to Say Good-Bye

It’s hard to believe the day has come. Saying “goodbye” and “Godspeed” to our beloved Director of Young People’s Ministries, Erin Tombaugh, seems surreal. But after 7+ years of faithful service, Erin has taken a position with our Pacific Northwest Annual Conference Office, directly serving two of our five District Superintendents.

Our staff took Erin out Thursday for a special lunch to celebrate her life and ministry together. Now, this Sunday, the whole church gets to come together for a very special after-church potluck luncheon celebration. We hope you will make a special effort to gather with us and send Erin off with much love and joyful memories. 

There will be a special presentation in the worship service and time of prayer over Erin. In Centennial Hall, we will also have a “cards-and-gifts” basket where you can use “wonderful words of life” (Hymn # 600 😊) as well as whatever honoring gift you may feel expresses your gratitude for her many years of service to our Lord in our church family. Cara and I will be doing this, and we hope you will join us.

Our Kitchen crew (Linda Jury and Judy Norton) will be making special breakfast burritos for everyone, in addition to all the other potluck dishes that will be shared. Please note that our warming oven is scheduled to be fixed and is not working. Any dish needed to be kept warm must be brought in a crock pot or some portable warming device.

During our lunch time, we will ensure a time of open-mic sharing among us. This will give those who wish to express some sentiments to Erin an opportunity to do so, with and among many others. Even though Erin is transferring her work to the PNW Conference Office, she will be working remotely, which means you may bump into her in Oak Harbor. She has articulated a season of separation from our church for the initial transition (this is always a professional gift to the church and any new employee arrangements – still to be determined by SPPR). But Erin remains a member of our church and will always be welcome to be in and among us as she continues her discipleship journey with the people of God.  

Let me close with one of America’s favorite theologians---Winnie the Pooh! 

“How lucky I am [we are] to
have something that makes saying
goodbye so hard.”
~Winnie the Pooh~

I look forward to joining you in celebrating her life this weekend!

David 😊

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