Dear all...

I just wanted to take this chance to let you know how much I appreciate all of you, your commitment with the church family and sincere love are always inspiring. I've truly felt hugged by being among you, specially during the most complex moments of the last few years, COVID, immigration limitations, and all day to day challenges.

Last year as we started post-COVID readjustment efforts in all aspects; music, worship, staffing… we realized how different our new reality is, but also how resilient and united our congregation has become. This has certainly been motivating as your music leader and has made me understand the higher call of serving.

Okay, enough of my reflections!
I also wanted to share that because to the current status and needs of the music and worship ministries of our church, and most importantly, my personal desire to continue pursuing my Conducting career, I will be transitioning to a new reality myself.

Council has recently approved a new job description, with the advise of Pastor David and SPPR. We worked on this for about 6 months, from concept to execution and think it’ll work well for our church.
In essence, this new position “lead musician” will focus on the preparation and execution of music for our services… only. Tasks are quite focused and effectiveness is very achievable. So, I’ll be transitioning in the next few weeks!
10 hours a week is what we have proposed, which means we’ll still see each other on Thursdays for rehearsals and Sundays for services.

I also wanted to share that ’m very excited to have a few opportunities coming my way to make impact through music. The calendar for May and June has gotten  a bit full. Last week the marathon started with the Whidbey Community Chorus, Whatcom Wind Ensemble in Bellingham, and an Honor Orchestra in Mount Vernon! This week I’m heading south east to engage with the Yakima Symphony Orchestra, and after that to participate of two festivals, one with the Omaha Symphony and one in New York focusing on new Orchestral music (Mostly Modern).

These weeks I’ll be absent we have been blessed to have count with a couple of different music leaders! Matthew Erickson will take you through a nice combination of old and new, with a beautiful voice and guitar. A couple other Sundays, David Locke, a local organist I just met, will lead you through the classics from the organ, yes! Our own one. So, get ready!

Any ways!
I just want to close by saying, that despite of the common belief of one being over qualified for ministry, I don’t feel that way! I have enjoyed the time among you as much as I do love teaching, mentoring and conducting large ensembles. The gift of music is enjoyable no matter the level or circumstance, it bring us together. And I’ll cherish each day.

Be blessed.


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