Mid-Year update from the Stewardship/Finance Team

Recently your finance team met to review the 2023 budget. As a result, we are proposing an updated budget to the Church Council to more accurately reflect our budget requirements.  With the changes in Staff (loss of Erin and Sebastian’s hours reduced to 10 hours a week and now considered a consultant vice a church employee), we were able to add the Administrative Assistant position at 20 hours a week. Other budget areas were either lowered or increased to reflect actual costs.

You have probably noticed that the Trustees have been busy with multiple projects. With the money saved from other budget adjustment areas, we have been able to meet all those planned and unplanned expenses, especially those required by a recent insurance inspection.

None of these changes would have been possible without YOU! We are blessed with the faithful giving of this congregation. Admittedly we did experience a sharp decrease in giving during June. While this is something we often experience in the summer months, this decrease did send up the red flags for us. However, July saw our income swing back to normal (plus a little extra giving). For that – we thank you and say Praise the Lord!

More changes/updates are on the horizon as we prepare to welcome River Flow Church as renters to some areas of our church, and the sale of the Scott House (rental property) is anticipated in September. Stay tuned!

In closing, I would like to reassure you that your Finance Team is monitoring the church spending, sometimes asking the hard questions, and sometimes having to say no for items not in the budget this year. Thank you again for placing your trustee in our team to be good stewards of your financial gifts.

Carol Decker, Stewardship/Finance Chair

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