Spin Café Update


As our lazy days of Summer are coming to a close, I wanted to keep you updated on the progress we are making towards moving into our new location at 1241 SW Barlow St.  We are awaiting a couple of inspections/permits and then will announce our open house, moving day and opening for guests.  We are now looking at the end of September for an opening date.
In the meantime, as you do your back-to-school and fall shopping, consider adding to your cart some of the items listed below.  We do most of our shopping for food and supplies at Safeway, Walmart and US Foods and Costco in Burlington so if you are visiting any of those stores, please keep SPiN Cafe in mind.  There are great sales going on right now and every donation we receive helps keep our costs down.
If you would like a receipt for your donations, please ask a staff member.
Thank you so very much!
Michele Hines, Executive Director
Needed Items
US Foods in Burlington Items:
Frozen veggies
Pork roasts
Grated cheddar or mixed cheese
Mayonnaise packets
Mustard packets
12 cold cups
12 oz. hot cups
Costco Items:
Heavy Chinet Plates for dinner service
Luncheon plates
Paper bowls
Paper Towels
33 gallon black garbage bags
Microwave popcorn
Food Items:
Granola Bars (soft or chewy)
Nutri Grain Bars
Cup of Noodles
Pop Tarts
Commercially prepared Soups
Dried Fruit
Packs/Boxes of Single Serving Chips
Hot Cocoa
Fruit Juices (Cranberry, Apple, Orange)
Single Drink Flavor Packets
Trail Mix packets
Fruit (especially bananas, oranges, grapes and other fruits that are “portable” and easy to chew for guests who have dental issues)
English Muffins
Liquid Coffee Creamer (we often serve as a treat in the morning with coffee)
We currently have enough shampoo, lotion, and body soap, but these things would be helpful:
Small Brushes
Small Combs
Shaving Cream or Gel (travel size again is so helpful!)
Sewing Kits
Nail Clips
Nail Files
Flossers or Dental Floss
Clothing Items:
We refer our guests to the Garage of Blessings for most clothing items, but it is so helpful to have some of the following on hand:
Women’s Underwear: Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X
Men’s Underwear: Large, Extra Large, 2X
Men’s White Undershirts: Large, Extra-Large, 2x
Women’s light T-shirts: Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2x

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