Don DeBode 09/06/2023

Don passed away on September 6, 2023.   Prayers for comfort and peace  for Pat and the family. 

Ken Opdyke 08/24/2023

Prayers for Ken, Ginger and the boys as they are traveling through the difficult journey with Ken.

-JAN HAYES 11/1/2023

-Prayers for Jan for improvement with her eyes sight and improved strength.

-PATTY COHICK 11/01/2023

-Patty has been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.  She will begin treatment with kemo for once a week for 22 weeks in Seattle.  More information to follow.

-PHYLLIS QUINN  10/5/2023

-Phyllis passed away on September 19.  Part of our fellowship hour on October 29 will be devoted to honoring and celebrating Phyllis's life.

-PATTY WILLIAMS  10/5/2023

-Patty is continuing weekly infusion treatments.  She is grateful for all the prayers that are propelling her along the path she is on.  Prays for Patty and Dave.