worship in person

Starting this Sunday, May 23, our capacity for in-person worship has increased to 50% capacity. 

We will also no longer be asking people to register since our limit is higher. 

At the moment we are developing our own Local Practices, adhered to the CDC and governmental guidance, for other in-person worship and other church activities.


Our response to covid-19

While Covid-19 cases are going down and more people are getting vaccinated, it is important to acknowledge that there are still risks in gathering crowds of people together. 

With that in mind, our church is still cautiously approaching our reopening, and we ask that you continue to follow these guidelines at this time:

  • All attendees over the age of 2 must wear a mask at all times inside the building.
  • Everyone will have their temperature taken upon entry, and any temperatures above 100.4 will be encouraged to wait to return until they no longer have a fever.
  • Ushers will seat families/bubbles in the designated areas, continuing to maintain 6' between each family/bubble.
  • Until it is safer, there is still not congregational singing yet. However, you are invited to hum, clap, sway, etc. to engage with the music offered from a safe distance by the worship leaders.

*Our capacity limit is based on the total room space and maintaining social distance between each family/bubble. We can seat 23 families/bubbles socially distant in the main level of the Sanctuary, which is around 50-75 people.

reimagining life together

As part of a globally connected denomination, our church follows the guidelines set by our Pacific Northwest Conference/Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, under the leadership of Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky. After much research and consideration, our conference released guidelines for phased reopening of our churches called Reimagining Life Together. This approach is sometimes a slower, more cautious one than what is required by our state government so that we may focus on doing no harm, doing good, and staying in love with God.

Bishop Stanovsky allowed churches with an approved Phase 2 reopening plan to move into that phase in June 2020, which our church did. In November 2020, Phase 2.1 was created as a way to allow some in-person gatherings to start without fully moving into Phase 3. OHFUMC submitted our Phase 2.1 plan in February 2021, and it was approved. Our eligibility to remain in Phase 2.1 can fluctuate based on Covid-19 data in Island County.

Find out more about the PNW Conference's response and guidelines or read OHFUMC's detailed reopening plans:

Greater Northwest Area Covid-19 Response

Reimagining Life Together Guidelines (5/5/21)

Phase 2.1 Addendum (11/10/20): Outdated

OHFUMC Reopening Plan (2/5/21)Outdated