Limited in-person worship is currently in place, you can now register for this coming Sunday or future dates.

Our response to covid-19

Like so many others, our church building shut down when Covid-19 surged in the US in March of 2020. We moved our worship to be fully online, encouraged our staff to work from home as much as possible, and turned to Zoom for meetings and small group gatherings.

As the shutdown has continued, our church has found new ways of staying connected with each other, like social distance outdoor gatherings, front porch greeting videos, drive through events, and more.

To ensure the safety of our church family and community, anyone entering our building must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Our custodian has been working on deep cleaning all areas of the church, and our regular cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been updated to follow CDC guidelines.

reimagining life together

As part of a globally connected denomination, our church follows the guidelines set by our Pacific Northwest Conference/Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, under the leadership of Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky. After much research and consideration, our conference released guidelines for phased reopening of our churches called Reimagining Life Together. This approach is sometimes a slower, more cautious one than what is required by our state government so that we may focus on doing no harm, doing good, and staying in love with God.

Bishop Stanovsky allowed churches with an approved Phase 2 reopening plan to move into that phase in June 2020, which our church did. In November 2020, Phase 2.1 was created as a way to allow some in-person gatherings to start without fully moving into Phase 3. OHFUMC submitted our Phase 2.1 plan in February 2021, and it was approved. Our eligibility to remain in Phase 2.1 can fluctuate based on Covid-19 data in Island County.

Find out more about the PNW Conference's response and

guidelines or read OHFUMC's detailed reopening plans:

Greater Northwest Area Covid-19 Response

Reimagining Life Together Guidelines (6/18/20)

Phase 2.1 Addendum (11/10/20)

OHFUMC Reopening Plan (2/5/21)