PROCLAIM (Editor) “The preflight technician”


  • Develop a design concept/idea for the series, or event.

  • Select colors, layout and content accordingly.

  • Don't select more than 3 colors or 3 fonts.

  • Keep design concepts consistent across every slide.


  • Don't split/brake slides with (ENTER) but with (--)

  • Use as much of the 16:9 space as possible but... 

  • Don’t place anything over the margins.

  • Keep spacing consistent and balanced between every element.

  • Quotes authors need to have a different font size or style.

  • Every slide needs to be checked before Sunday



    • YouTube and Google: Creative Commons

    • Google Images

PROCLAIM (CG Operator) “The pilot assistant”


  • Follow your Checklist sheet every Sunday to avoid any unexpected and forgettable procedures, and additionally:

    • Make sure all automation is properly set. *Slides auto advance.

    • Doublecheck control over the light cues.

  • Go through every slide and make sure its content is clear.

    • Videos play from beginning to end

    • Important text is readable

    • Fonts are correct

  • Listen to the songs list in advance and practice!

    • Make notes or memorize the form/structure and pace (speed) of the songs.

    • Advance on the last word or two of the last line of lyrics.

AUDIO (Audio Mixer) “The Pilot Assistant”


  • Only activate (unmute) the inputs that are in use. Don’t leave mics open unless they are needed within a number of the program. Ex: vocal and pastor mics in the call to worship

  • Anticipate, but not too much. Ideally 5 seconds or less before the pastor speaks, or Lisa plays the piano.

  • Be detailed when doing sound checks, including Pastor’s, don’t listen for just volume (that can be adjusted during the service), use the headphones and look for strange noises and overall tone.

video resources

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VMIX (Video Director) “The Air Traffic Controller” or the “Chef”


  • Do a mental or written schedule/flow of how and when cameras, graphics and transitions will be used.

    • Decide when to use dedicated angles, such as Proclaim and Camera 2-Band.

    • Freelance at longer section such as the Sermon and: 

  •   Quick transitions (less than 1 sec.) are less distracting.

    • Use CUT transitions most often. They are clean and precise.

    • Fades/Merge are stylistically acceptable (slow character of religious service) but could be distracting. Don’t overuse them. They need a specific reason or intention.

      • Use Fade at the end of long sections, like the Sermon, or Song.

    • Don’t use fancy transitions like Slide, Fly, Cube; unless they serve a purpose.

    • Make transition between speech pauses if possible, but don’t be limited by it.

  • Anticipate mentally but not in action (switching). It's better to be 1 sec late.

  • Only switch when you're absolutely certain, not before. Ex. aurally: when you hear Pastor reading the words of a slide. Ex2: when you hear the first notes of Lisa playing.

  • Proclaim Full or Over the Shoulder aka 'shots with slides' should not remain more than 5 seconds after the slide has been red or referred to.

Maintenance Tips

LIVESTREAM LIAISON "Observer and Commissioner"


  • Remind people to share the video they are watching. And be ready to walk them through how they can do that.

  • In case of evident failure (Audio, Video) don’t ask the audience for feedback, you are the audience. Instead concentrate on communicating that we are addressing the problem and keep everyone positive, away from the issue.