We believe in the power of technology to communicate the love and grace of God. We believe compelling stories of life change can be felt through video, image and word. Our Digital Worship Producer prepares and empowers our church community to show up creatively in online spaces, fully believing our presence there matters.

Remember that:

Everything you do, small and large, has a direct impact on how people receive the message so be:


PROCLAIM (Editor) “The preflight technician”


  • To create a cohesive, consistent, fresh and effective presentation.


  • Cohesiveness is consistency across the whole presentation and in context with the series and the liturgy.

  • Being effective is being able to understand (read, watch) without distraction

  • Creativity - Design

  • Don’t be afraid to modify things in order to fulfill all objectives.

  • Be particular. Every single letter, font size, placing decision matters.

PROCLAIM (CG Operator) “The pilot assistant”


  • To monitor, assist and control the progress of the presentation (slides) during the service.


  • Anticipation is essential and key to maintain the flow of the program.

  • Be engaged, looking ahead and ready to take the wheel at any point.

AUDIO (Audio Mixer) “The Pilot Assistant”


  • Create a clear, clean and crowning audio mix as well as a clean audio setup on stage.


  • After content, Audio is the most essential of all elements in media production. It has to be very consistent, well planned and precisely executed.

VMIX (Video Director) “The Air Traffic Controller” or the “Chef”


To create a simulated reality that is congruent with the service and all its specific parts; and to precisely showcase the pre-selected materials (cameras, presentation feed, standby videos, etc).


  • Be consistent with how and when each “angle” is used. Don’t take the easy road, be intentional.
  • Transitions will showcase stylistic traits of the service and its content. Slow vs Quick pace.
  • Be focused in showing what is important. Timing/lengths and transition are essentials.                                               The presentation isn’t the most important material, it is just a visual aid.

LIVESTREAM LIAISON "Observer and Commissioner"


  • Provide objective feedback to the team before, during and after the programs; and engage with the online audience.


  • Be always positive and encouraging to those watching and participating online, even when things don’t go as planned. You are our human touch to the community while we are LIVE.