How Can We Pray For You?


We believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you.

As your family, we want to pray alongside you, because we know there is power in prayer.

Every request you share is prayed over by our staff on a weekly basis. We get better together. 

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a way for our team to begin praying for you and your loved ones right away! 

Please call our Prayer Chain coordinator Joy Pearson 817-925-4513

*None of the prayers in the prayer chain will be posted unless you fill out the prayer request form below.*

Prayer List Request

Please Request a prayer here to be reviewed by our prayer team. All approved prayers can only be seen in our Member Resources.

To help prevent the spread of false information, we recommend that the prayer request be placed by the person who is in need of prayers. 

All Prayers will stay posted for up to 2 months unless another prayer is requested to update or the prayer has been answered.
Please call 360-675-2441 if you notice a prayer is inaccurate, has been answered, or is out of date.

We don’t always get advised when someone is ill or having surgery and we are sure your church family would like to lift you up.