July 12, 2022 Oak Harbor First United Methodist Church

Introducing: Steven Scherer

Introducing: Steven Scherer

Dear Church Family,


I want to introduce you to Steven Scherer via his autobiography as we seek to join him in preparation for his candidacy vote by our congregation for Licensed Local Pastor in the UMC. You hopefully read my thorough explanation in our church email dated July 7th. Today, you get to hear from him in his own words. Join me in knowing this brother better so you can join in the process of discernment for his calling into the ministry. 

- Pastor David


Hello Everyone,

My name is Steven Scherer. I have been attending Oak Harbor First United Methodist Church for more than four years and have been asked by Pastor David to write this short letter, introducing myself and to share with you some very exciting news. 

Recently our Staff Parish Pastor Relations (SPPR) Committee met to consider my request to be approved as a candidate to become a Licensed Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church.

With the leadership of SPPR Chair Linda Jury, and the active participation of just about every member of the committee, aided and assisted by the guidance of our pastor, we engaged in a prayerful process of written questions along with a three-hour interview that allowed me to share my faith journey with the SPPR team.

Now I would like to share some of that journey with all of you. 

Ministry is a calling, a process of discernment and inspiration for those who believe they might have the skills or talents to help spread the Good News of God’s forgiveness and salvation that comes from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I believe we are all called to be God’s servants. Some serve as pastors, some as lay leaders, some as volunteers and committee members. I have served as a volunteer and committee member with both health charities and my previous churches, first in Vancouver, BC and then in New Hampshire (where I lived from 2000 until I moved to Coupeville in 2016), and now here at OHFUMC. From helping with Membership to leading a Finance team, on Stewardship committees as well as Next Generation and Mission & Outreach, I have been active with charity work and my church family for over 25 years, since I chose to be baptized as an adult early in my business career.

Many in our congregation will know me from my interest in some of Susan Schopf’s small group book meetings, or my membership on the SPPR team and Next Generation, as well as my engagement with our church’s Revitalization efforts.

After more than two decades as a Chartered Financial Consultant and business owner, I sold my business in New Hampshire and enrolled in seminary at the Vancouver (Canada) School of Theology, earning my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Leadership.

My hope is to share in more detail, and with a greater emphasis on the theological context, my call to ministry when I have the honour of delivering a sermon on this topic to our church family on Sunday, August 7th. I look forward to seeing many of you there, but would welcome any questions you might have for me before then. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours in faith,

Steven Scherer