July 12, 2022 Oak Harbor First United Methodist Church

In Your Hands (So Close)

In Your Hands (So Close)

Last week I asked Carlo, our wonderful guitar player, to prepare an instrumental rendition of his choice to open our worship. I left the option open for him to choose any song that personally resonated. 

I was pleasantly surprised that he selected “So Close”, a title I didn’t recognize but after a quick search and listening, the melody and lyrics brought great memories. So, I gladly joined him in a beautiful rendition you enjoyed Sunday 7/10/22.

I learned this song as a teenager, around Carlo’s age, when I was also very much into playing the guitar. I jammed to this tune many times (in my Discman), while going around the house or traveling. It always brought peace, calm and the assurance of God’s care everywhere I went.

Like Pastor David mentioned on the Sunday we played it, the melody and pace of it has a very direct message in itself: it transports us to a relaxing atmosphere, where nothing matters. It surely opened our hearts for a wonderful service that day. 

And I hope that it inspires you as you listen to it again. 

English version:


Spanish Version, like I grew up listening to:


- Sebastian