May 10, 2022 Erin Tombaugh

Reformation Song by Sebastian

Reformation Song by Sebastian

Back in 2017 Bob Kauflin wrote an incredibly powerful song that remind us of the key elements for any reformation and revitalization effort. The 5 Solas of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago still apply to us today!

Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone

Solus Christus: Christ alone

Sola Fide: faith alone

Sola Gratia: grace alone

Soli Deo Gloria: glory to God alone


And so, let’s lift our hearts today as we reconnect with our roots and find God’s guiding voice in the humble voices of those who have helped carry the torch of truth for hundreds of years.



Your Word alone is solid ground,

The mighty rock on which we build.

In every line the truth is found

And every page with glory filled.



Through faith alone we come to You;

We have no merit we can claim.

Sure that Your promises are true;

We place our hope in Jesus’ name.



Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone

Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone



In Christ alone we’re justified;

His righteousness is all our plea.

Your law’s demands are satisfied;

His perfect work has set us free.



By grace alone we have been saved,

All that we are has come from You.

Hearts that were once by sin enslaved

Now by Your pow’r have been made new.



And on this Reformation day

We join with saints of old to sing;

We lift our hearts as one in praise:

Glory to Christ our gracious King.