As followers of Jesus, we aspire to biblical reconciliation among all the peoples of this world. We recognize racism as an historic, systemic, pervasive injustice to humanity and an egregious offense to the heart of God who names us all His children. We realize we have been complacent, complicit, and content in our own “majority culture” story while others have languished in harm and hate sustained by many blind spots. Because of these truths, we resolve to own and act on our Christian responsibility to dismantle racism and work to reverse the long-standing injustices that have held our siblings in bondage to white supremacy.


ETHNOS Team (nation, race, people, tribe, caste) is our initiating effort to cultivate learnings, encounters, understandings, and experiences that will inform and influence our congregation so that we can impact our community and world with the healing and reconciling love of Jesus Christ. Our team is committed to these three approaches:

 Awareness, Relationship, Commitment

 We believe that the essence

of our identity as Christ-followers

is in the Lord Jesus alone and so we shall

love our neighbors as we love God and ourselves.


Our three goals for our congregation are:





Come and join us on this journey of bringing life, hope, and dignity to all people!